Re: Sydney transport

Although the public transport timings are poorly researched - a flaw that
they have in common with *every* other local news outlet - it can hardly be
claimed that they're trying to make driving look better when the public
transport times, vague though they may be, are clearly faster than driving.
I read it as an article that highlights the many downsides of driving more
than anything, but anybody is welcome to read whatever conspiracy theory
they want into it. I do think though that the Telegraph is still rather
naive in thinking that road improvements will "solve" congestion problems -
but at least they are advocating for public transport as well.

As for Marrickville-Surry Hills, there is no train to Surry Hills except on
the western fringe. Unfortunately they don't define where they mean in
Surry Hills but it looks to be somewhere deep within the suburb, therefore
they've chosen a bus journey. This should shape up much better as a
train+tram journey when CSELR opens. It also says in the article that the
commute from Marrickville to the city is faster by public transport.

Together with channels 7 and 9, the Telegraph is the major media outlet
with the potential to influence public opinion in Sydney so it's worth
noting what line it is taking.

Tony P