Re: Mystery Fremantle trams in 1969
  Roderick Smith

I thought that the earlier threads had solved this, until they threw up 36
vs 38.
I have now found my Destination Subiaco, and it muddies the waters more.
Fremantle didn't have a 38, so that clash has to be resolved in favour of
It shows 33 as built in 1927 by FMT (not Brush).
It shows 36 as built in 1939 by FMT (no mention of Kalgoorlie 17).
The photos show the two as being similar, so I can't tie my photos to
either number.
It shows Kalgoorlie 17 as Brill, with a clerestory roof, and makes no
mention of it going to Fremantle.

Hence 'back to the drawing board': Even agreeing that my photos were near
Yanchep, what were they?