Re: A train on St. Kilda Road tram tracks!
  Andrew Cook

Gasp! Seen everything now. Here's evidence that a train has been run down St. Kilda Road on the tram tracks. Actually it is probably 280 horsepower Walker diesel railcar 82 RM (a section thereof) travelling on the back of a truck with 2 VR officials riding inside it! It is heading from Martin and King's Armadale site, to Newport Workshops, for eventual assembly. The OH&S turkeys will be freaking out when they view this post!!!!!

Andrew Cook (admiring an era when OH&S would have been the name on a tin of jam!).

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Herald 18 Aug 1950  |  427W x 1458H  | 136.97 KB |  Photo details
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280 Walker DRCs enter service dates  |  298W x 352H  | 30.05 KB |  Photo details