Re: East Coburg Relay Completed.
  Richard Youl

Good coverage Peter.

It is a pity that the tracks leading to the terminus could not have been moved a little to the right with a small amount of ground trimmed of the park in such a way that a tram waiting for the terminus could be clear of road traffic at least.

That still would not solve the problem of people stuck on a tram for several minutes waiting to get into the terminus. More than ever, tram drivers are unwilling to open the doors anywhere except at a tram stop.


On 8 Mar 2019, at 1:34 pm, Peter Bruce p1.bruce@...> wrote:

Driving home northbound yesterday arvo about 1445 I stopped at the lights at the junction of Moreland Rd and Holmes Rd. There was a barrier opposite at the start of Nicholson St. "No Through Road, Local Traffic Only". OK by me, I'm a local, so I went straight ahead. Suddenly there is southbound traffic so I looked in my rear vision mirror, sure enough no more barrier and a few cars following me. So I was there for the opening of Nicholson St to through traffic. The track relay starts northbound just south of the curve near The Grove and continues to the end of the line. I don't think the terminal shunt is any longer and without a complete redesign of the intersection an ideal double track plus scissors crossover layout would not be possible.. As it is the location is a bottleneck for traffic northbound because if there is a tram waiting to enter the terminus there can be a very long tailback of motor traffic stuck behind that waiting tram.

P3072650_1 Looking north from the beginning of the work at The Grove.

653_1 North from Crozier St, one time end of the double track.

655_1 North from corner of Hutchinson St.

664_1 Why the signal?

668_1 The old span pole from Melbourne, Brunswick and Coburg days, 100+ years old?

673_1 The beginning of the work looking south towards Moreland Rd.

They seem to have only replaced the overhead over the relaid section so far..

Regards to all TDUs,

Peter Bruce.