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Still no photos, and no point while yahell is such a failure.
Tues.5.3.19 Melbourne Express was again devoted to bushfires.
6.50 Princes Freeway has been reopened to traffic both ways between Pakenham and Warragul after the Bunyip fires.  Speed set to 40 km/h between Tynong Road and Tonimbuk Road. Some local roads remain closed.
<www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/melbourne-express-dargo-fire-burns-out-of-control-but-emergency-warning-downgraded-20190305-p511qq.html>Tues.5.3.19 Metro Twitter.
6.32 The 6.14 ex Upfield has been delayed ~15 minutes (a train fault).
- 6.49 The 6.14 has been terminated at Gowrie.  The 6.32 ex Upfield has originated from Coburg.  The next ex Upfield departs at 6.50.
7.15 Cranbourne/Pakenham lines: Minor delays citybound and service alterations (an equipment fault near Westall).
- It's 'Allow for extra travel time Tuesday'.
- Is there any day in the year when your services can run on time and without alterations?
- Thanks again for the wonderful service.  Nice to see that you have updated your app.
- 8.55 Not a minor delay. I attempted to board at Carnegie around 8.00, and had to wait for the fifth train until I could get on.  Then I was offloaded at Richmond to change for a loop service.  All up it took close to an hour to get to Flagstaff from the time I arrived at Carnegie.
13.30 Craigieburn line: Minor delays (a faulty Vine train at Roxburgh Park)..  [Arrogant Metro, always quick to blame VLine and never apologising when Metro fouls VLine, notably on the Pakenham line].
- 13.42 clearing.
16.04 Buses replace trains Darling - Glen Waverley (a person hit by a train).  Buses have been ordered, but will take over 60 min to arrive.  Consider alternatives [the standard copout].
- 16.08 alternatives [as a graphic].
- 16.10: 25 buses have been ordered.
- 16.30: 30 buses have been ordered [ie five more].
- 16.50 Eight buses are in operation, with an additional 22 enroute
- 17.00 Nine buses are in operation, with 27 more enroute.
- 17.10: 17 buses are in operation, with 19 more enroute
- 17.40: 36 buses are in operation, with an extended journey time of up to 45 minutes.
- 17.50 Trains are expected to resume at approximately 19.00.
- 19.06 Trains are now resuming, with minor delays.  The first will be the 18.39 ex Flinders St.  Buses will still be replacing trains from 20.15.
16.50 Frankston line: Major delays (an equipment fault near Moorabbin).
- 17.24 This has cleared, but now we have an equipment fault near Edithvale, causing minor delays.
- How about you replace the faulty equipment so it doesn't happen again instead of bandaid fix job?
We have extra trains trams to get you to the game/match at AAMI Park tonight [no mention of getting you home again].
- Will there be additional replacement buses for the Belgrave/Lilydale line? Or still only every half hour?
- How hard would it have been to start the works at 22.30?
- Or do it tomorrow.
- Will those extra services actually run, and on time?  That's the question and gamble we all take.
Buses replace trains Ringwood - Belgrave from 20.00 (maintenance works).
Buses replace trains Richmond/Caulfield - Glen Waverley from 20.15 (maintenance works).
Belgrave/Lilydale lines: Buses replace trains Parliament - Camberwell from 20.30 (maintenance works).