Re: 1987 Tram Photos
  Tram Gunzle

Matthew, the split-flap displays (I recall that there was another name for
them, however the Solari boards or Pragotron suggested by Wikipedia don't
sound right) did not survive in service in Melbourne* (albeit similar can
still be found at various airports and other places). The only preserved
example that I can think of is PCC 1041 at Hawthorn. I believe that a
number of tram enthusiasts acquired some of the mechanisms when they were
replaced - they certainly did with the mylar sheet destination equipment
that came out of the Z3/A1/A2/B1 trams; one was on eBay last year.

Also, just noting, that the 29 route number was quite rare on 'up' services.


* The only tram to be scrapped while retaining split-flap displays was Z2
102, although I doubt that those mechanisms were still serviceable !
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