Re: Re: Newcastle tramway video
  Richard Youl

All Of those look more attractive than the construction shown this morning. I have reproduced it below for anyone who may have forgotten.

A closer look reveals that it is not a structure for catenary. The section of double wire on the right is only brief and probably is where a new wire comes in and the other ends. There is certainly no catenary on the closer track.

For comparison I took a photograph at Parkwood East today, the second image below.

I think this looks less intrusive than the French design which no doubt is intended to be stylish. The crossarms of the first mast include feeder wires coming from underground whereas the second mast is standard and is 40 m away, the standard mast spacing. Note the thinner pipe used in the top half.

One feature of best design overhead is that the wires for the two tracks should be as independent as possible from each other so that if a pantograph or anything else snags the overhead, the wire for the second track is very much less damaged, or better still escapes damage.

The Gold Coast support arms are attached by hinged pivots and a pantograph damaging one wire should have little affect on the other. It’s debatable whether this isolation is adequately designed into the ‘stylish’ French equipment.


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