Auckland Dominion Road tram project update
  David McLoughlin

The NZ online serious-journalism outlet Newsroom has an article today on
the proposal for a tram from Auckland's Queen Street along Dominion Road
and then to the airport. Auckland Council is quoted as being concerned at
government silence on the business case, which is delayed with no date for
it set.

Silence is often filled by media speculation so I don't read too much into

But be aware there are many detractors of this project, including the
present parliamentary Opposition, which will cancel it if it wins the
November 2020 election (tenders are unlikely to close before the election).
Sydney's construction catastrophe has got big runs in the local media
especially from the anti-tram, pro-bus lobbies. There is also
opposition from tram supporters who question the value of extending the
line from Mt Roskill (the end of Dominion Road, which is Auckland's ideal
tram corridor and was once a tram line) to the airport (it would run in a
motorway median from Mt Roskill to the airport) -- there is a valid
argument that an extension of the city's heavy network from Puhinui on the
southern line 6km to the airport would serve the airport better and faster
than a busy all-stops tram along Dominion Road.

The article has a nice artist's impression of trams in Dominion Road (sans
their wires!) which I have attached to this. Fingers crossed Google lets me
post it.

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"Holy writ requires unholy scrutiny."

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