Re: Shared Roads [Was: Re: Re: New Video: Driver's View Route 78 Melbourne Balaclava to North Richmond 23 Minutes]
  Matthew Geier

On 11/2/19 7:01 am, 'Richard Youl' via TramsDownUnder wrote:
> Usually customers accused me of being so many minutes late when in

> fact I was exactly on time but the tram in front was missing. I don’t

> know how many swallowed my explanation that the tram in front was

> simply missing.

I watched some one abuse my local bus driver the same way in the same
situation. The local routes have no recovery time on the weekend and
Transdev has cut the diagram to the bare minimum. (I gather there is no
SLA for the weekend, so they just don't care)

So the morning shift in particular just gets later and later each run.
It resets at around midday when the shift change happens, the new driver
comes from the (remote) depot with a new bus and picks up his diagram on
time. And then gets abused for being 30 minutes late when he's perfectly
on time.


> It seems that nowadays passengers are much more aggressive/vindictive

> to tram drivers than in the past.

And bus drivers. Train drivers tend to hide in their cabs, but Sydney
train guards cop it too.