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  Richard Youl

If you are suggesting that you are having trouble opening that link, I had to try a number of times to get it to work. Maybe this screenshot will circumvent any problems if anyone else is having them.

Just a comment, I don’t think the overhead looks particularly attractive. In its own way it is quite intrusive.


On 11 Feb 2019, at 5:39 am, Matthew Geier matthew@...> wrote:

On Mon, 11 Feb 2019 at 05:53, Prescott lenkaprescott@...> wrote:
> The remaining "light rail" signs should be changed to "tram" before opening to bring then into line with the Road Rules.


> Slow approach to stops is also characteristic of IWLR.


> For Tony G, this photo by Simon Smiler of overhead supports on one of the Paris tramways was just posted on the Eurotrams group. What a contrast to CSELR!



"We are sorry, you can not display images hosted by Yahoo! Groups on non Yahoo! Groups pages"

I can see them on my Eurotrams email feed, but not via this link.

The French know how to build lightweight and unobtrusive overhead. Yet they are also responsible for foisting the proprietary and expensive APS on us too.

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