Shared Roads [Was: Re: Re: New Video: Driver's View Route 78 Melbourne Balaclava to North Richmond 23 Minutes]
  Tram Gunzle

Kew Depot took care in re-rostering when crew (or sometimes tram) shortages
occurred - the shared roads were the last to lose services (pity that
certain other depots were not as considerate !). That meant that it was the
Mont Albert line that suffered cuts, and it was Kew crews that consequently
suffered. However, even the 42 shared part of their road, and one service
that was "temporarily suspended" (management term for "permanently" -
because they refused to employ sufficient staff) in this way was the first
LaTrobe St shuttle, late in the morning peak; the next LaTrobe service was
another Kew run - NOT Preston. It would have been so easy to cancel the
latter tram rather than the former, thus saving Kew crews from the ire of
waiting passengers which would then be vent upon those #@?!$ (LoL) from