Re: Newcastle tramway video
  Mal Rowe

On 10/02/2019 05:59, Matthew Geier wrote:
> Friday's video of 2151 and 2152 on the move.




> A couple of 'recharge' stops videoed. The 'long' charge cycles at each

> stop will put a bit of a crimp on the end to end speed though. Remains

> to be seen how well the motorists respect the tram ROW too. Mostly

> 'protected' by double yellow lines, not even a small kerb to

> discourage cars.


Thanks Matthew, great videos that show the operation and setting well.

In addition to the longish dwell times remarked on by others, it seemed
to me that the approach speed to the stop was very slow (at least
compared to what I am used to).  I'm guessing that is due to the need
for accurate positioning with relation to the charge point ... and
perhaps driver inexperience.  Perhaps they will be a bit better at it
after practice.

Regarding the tram lane separation - that's much the same as most of
inner city Melbourne.  So either Newcastle is running trams or Melbourne
is running light rail (probably both are true!)

Mal Rowe - planning a visit in April.