Re: Newcastle tramway video
  Richard Youl

Having just watched this interesting video, I fail to see why are those charging points could not have a ramped entry and exit point so that the pantograph can remain up permanently and be guided down onto the charging surface as the tram arrives. That in itself would cut 10 seconds per stop off this charade and would keep the contact surface of the pantograph and charge point clean.

I wonder what excuse is used for not adopting such a simple expedient? Somebody would not like the ascetics of raised pantographs with no wire on top of it?


On 10 Feb 2019, at 4:59 am, Matthew Geier matthew@...> wrote:

Friday's video of 2151 and 2152 on the move.

A couple of 'recharge' stops videoed. The 'long' charge cycles at each stop will put a bit of a crimp on the end to end speed though. Remains to be seen how well the motorists respect the tram ROW too. Mostly 'protected' by double yellow lines, not even a small kerb to discourage cars.