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  Tram Gunzle

Smoking was banned on all Victorian public transport - trams, trains, and
buses - in 1976.
Initially "Smoking" signs on suburban trains were painted-out, and some
additional "No Smoking" signs placed on car exteriors; sometime later all
signs were gradually removed.
From c. early 1960s, only M cars had Smoking accommodation, the '3-doors'
(1-door for Harris) nearest the driving cabs were 'No Smoking' and the rest
of the car - as well as all of each BT, D, G, and T carriage - was 'No
Smoking'. This was only possible following the introduction of single-class
suburban travel in 1958, as (nearly) all M cars were 2nd Class and all
trailers 1st Class.
Prior to this, each carriage in a suburban train was allocated one-third
'Smoking' and two-thirds 'Non-Smoking' (this nomenclature changing about
the same time), separated by full-height partitions. Tait and Harris M cars
were the reverse of their latter situation, although the for swing-door
(DogBox) stock it was more complicated.


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