Re: Doggie motor unit still around.
  Andrew Cook

This doggie electric motor unit is a survivor, and I wonder if Elecrail at Newport know about it? Could be a replacement for the torched doggie motor 107 M, subject to it not being a total wreck thanks to white ants and being in the open for years. Yesterday I was flipping through a lavish magazine produced by the local clowncil and aimed at the bold and beautiful market, when my eye caught this happy snap of some muso (with the appropriate first name of 'Grim') standing forlornly in front of the doggie, with the usual stern look on the face (rather than a smile). The text gives the present location of the doggie as 'on an 80 acre property at Rushworth, Victoria'..
The doggie unit has an interesting history: originally it was sold to the Sandhurst Town Historical Village, near Bendigo. Then it was flogged off at auction when Sandhurst Town went belly-up and ended up on an industrial property at Eaglehawk. Sat there for years and appears to have been sold to the Rushworth based muso in recent years.

Andrew Cook (doggie appreciator).

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