Re: Melbourne Insulators, Tennis Extras.
  Steven Altham

In reply to Richard insulators sometimes are in awkward places when I
approached insulators I checked where pantograph was so I never got stuck
on one

On Sun, 13 Jan. 2019, 8:53 pm 'Richard Youl' via TramsDownUnder < tramsdownunder@... wrote:

> From a friend in the know:


> “Only 35° here tomorrow, and the 82 and 78 trams are replaced by buses,

> route 30 trams pulled off entirely and 12 diverted to run via Latrobe

> Street to make a service there. 35° is not extreme heat, but I expect it

> has been done so that the service for the Australian Open won't suffer.

> Malvern used to get DOCs to do tennis specials. Now they just use less but

> larger trams.


> Regarding insulators, and you can quote me on this, some evil person who

> designs the overhead wiring deliberately places insulators to maximise

> inconvenience to tram drivers. Some places where you can pull up a trailing

> T light can't be used by anyone but very experienced drivers as the road

> tram loop is right where you cannot stop. [Im not sure what this means

> myself]


> You may or may not know a new substation has been built at St Kilda

> Junction and a new very obvious power cable run from there along Dandenong

> Road. A new no-power insulator was installed just a short distance from the

> Junction in Queens Way, but best news, both insulators at Chapel Street

> were changed to no-loss-of-power, as was the one just after turning into

> Wattletree Road. All in both directions.


> With B class, insulators that break power stop both the fans and

> compressor every time, but only for a matter of seconds, rather than

> minutes.


> Z Class tram driver air cons are rarely affected by power loss. As you

> once said when I mentioned about them continuing to run after being

> switched off, it is probably about capacitors.


> D class, well, they are usually OK through normal power off insulators but

> Kooyong Railway Crossing and the City Link bridge over Glenferrie Road and

> other bridges knock them out and they take up to five minutes to come back

> on. Very bad when it is very hot.”


> Regards,


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