IWLR closure George Street
  Matthew Geier

I went down there for a 'sticky'.

Due to lots of high 'noise screens', it's hard to see what they have done
other than scatter plant and equipment everywhere.
However, I did observe them re-potting one of the H crossings.
[image: IMG_20190111_124136.jpg]

Unclear if they have actually pulled them out and replaced the castings or
they were just redoing the potting. They are now definitely connected to
the CESLR rails to the south. Maybe welding CESLR track in damaged the
potting and it had to be replaced.

Lots of activity over the far side of the intersection where on boxing day
I had observed that they water-jetted out the concrete from around the end
of the inner curve rails.

No trace what over ever of the overhead pans going in, so there will be a
yet another (probably extended) closure of the IWLR to do the overhead work.
It notes (in relation to another thread about Melbourne) that there are
no-break SIs on either side of the intersection.
[image: IMG_20190111_122119.jpg]
[image: IMG_20190111_122235.jpg]

These are the sort that will short the two sections together as the pan
crosses over.
I've seen on depots in France they use a pair of SIs at the entrance to
ensure bridging doesn't occur between the depot and the 'mainline'.

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