Re: Pantograph Operation - Melbourne
  David McLoughlin

ma261065 wrote:

> Is this a breaking or no-break insulator (on Queen's Bridge)?

Here is a K&M "power-through" section isolator for trolley buses in
Glenmore Street, Wellington, on the 3 Karori Park route. The electrically
knowledgeable among us might be able to tell us how it works.

In the six years before this modern trolley bus system was scandalously
destroyed by municipal no-nothing vandals in October 2017, more than $50
million was spent upgrading most of the system's overhead with the latest
K&M equipment, including power-through isolators which did away with need
for drivers to power-off at these places -- something quite handy on hill
routes where a stop was just before the isolator!

Almost the entire Karori Park route (the city's busiest route) was rewired
in 2014 and 2015. The huge waste of public money was of no concern to the
Bastards who scrapped it all two years later.

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"Holy writ requires unholy scrutiny."

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