Re: Pantograph Operation - Melbourne

Thanks Richard,

I wonder what the point of it is though, considering that it's bridged by
the cable above it.

On Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 4:06:58 PM UTC+11, Richard Youl wrote:

> I don’t recall seeing anybody reply to this.


> It looks to me like a basically standard break insulator, requiring the

> driver to cut power as the insulated material is almost certainly longer

> than the width of the pantograph.


> Usually bridging insulators have V shape wings to pick up the pantograph

> while it is still on the approach side section of overhead. These are quite

> common on the railways but there could be other designs more recently

> developed which I have not seen. I’ll have to keep an eye open in Melbourne

> next month.


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> wrote:


> Is this a breaking or no-break insulator (on Queen's Bridge)?