Re: ART suggestion lacks proven track record
  Matthew Geier

On 10/1/19 11:23 am, Prescott wrote:


> Unfortunately these advocates seize on any suggestion of some new

> technology that make it appear "nicer" without acquainting themselves

> with all the facts, let alone waiting to see it trialled and proven in

> heavy-duty service. The best approach with wireless power is to sit

> back for several years and let **others** bear the cost and

> inconvenience of trialling before a well-proven result comes out at

> the end

APS has had over 10 years of 'proven' use and is on it's 3rd 'version'.
It might be proprietary and expensive, but it is a proven 'solution'.

For all the 'faults' of APS,  you can't say it isn't a proven system.
Bordeaux never followed through with the threat to make Alstom remove it
and put up wires - Alstom eventually got it to work more or less
properly and the use of the method has increased over time.