Re: Restaurant Trams move.
  Matthew Geier

On 10/1/19 11:03 am, Tony Galloway wrote:
> Seeing these trams are so “dangerous” to operate in their current condition, how do they move them around ?


> Are they towed, or do plucky volunteers draw straws to see who fate chooses for the suicide job of running them on public streets ?


> What a joke.

Or they did what happened with that W2 421 that was taken from Hawthorn
to Kew for the depot centenary back in 2015. Load em onto a truck.

In that case apparently as no one was qualified to operate a W2 and it
had poles, it was impossible for it to take it self from Hawthorn to
Kew. At at Kew it was pushed into the shed by another tram, they were
absolutely not allowed to power it - even to run the salon lights.