Tram sounds
  Roger Greenwood

Ron Besdansky posted.

What I would like to get is a good recording of the gear noise during
notching-up - especially from a spur-gear (as opposed to helical-gear) tram
- e.g. a Melbourne W2. I've tried creating the sound with a synthesiser but
couldn't get it right.

Some time ago, a group of Melbourne enthusiasts recorded a variety of tram
sounds and put them out on a 33.1/3 rpm vinyl titled 'Destination City,
Tramway Sound Effects'.

I can't remember who I borrowed it from but I used the sound of a W-class
notching up in my Geelong DVD. I think it was a segment about the Geelong
Neon Bar traffic lights. Yeah I know! Being in Geelong it would've been a
maximum traction type car but no-one complained.

I dubbed it onto a CD and returned the disc to its owner. For Ron's
reference, these are the tracks:

1. Evening peak Batman Ave terminus

2. Evening peak Flinders/Swanston

3. Elizabeth St terminus, morning peak

4. 4-cyl brake application and release W3 662

5. W3 air compressor

6. Single truck X2 676

7. W6 933

8. PCC 980

9. W2 233

10. W3 662

I think the sleeve had additional info about each track.

Let me know if you'd like a copy Ron.


Roger Greenwood

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