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  Andrew Cook

Hi Ron,

I have here an LP record dated 1969, produced by the TMSV, which has several tracks on it of Melbourne W2s (with spur gears), SW6s, W3s, PCC 980 and X2 676. It says in one instance that the microphone was attached to a leading bogie under the tram! The record is titled 'Destination City'. I have a player which can convert the sounds to MP3 (I think) audio files. Will have to dust it off and re-train myself into how to do the conversion, if you want the sounds. From memory, those spur gears sound magnificent!

Andrew Cook (who has a copy of the new Trainz 2019 simulator on the computer here).

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I'm creating a tram-driving simulator. The photo shows the controller type RB-1 in an early stage of construction. It uses an Arduino microcontroller board to communicate with my PC. I'm sure somebody has already done this (e..g. Microsoft Train driving simulator) but I like doing my own thing. (I've been writing programs for 51 years this year!)

What I would like to get is a good recording of the gear noise during notching-up - especially from a spur-gear (as opposed to helical-gear) tram - e..g. a Melbourne W2. I've tried creating the sound with a synthesiser but couldn't get it right.

Any suggestions welcome!

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