Re: Re: OT Tram/Bus Number Plates [was Bumblebee trams start running in Shanghai]
  David McLoughlin

Tram Gunle wrote:

> Victoria: GAA-000 to MZZ-999

My family's first car in Melbourne in the 1960s was HBW 753. It was a green
Austin A96. My father wrote it off driving to the pub when blind drunk one
Saturday night.

I still remember our phone number from back then -- 88 3452 -- yet I don't
have any idea what the number of my current landline is, so rarely is it
used now. I'd get rid of it, but it comes free with the broadband. It
doesn't even ring with Nigerian scams any more.

I also remember all the long-gone tram route numbers from my childhood --
42 Mont Albert, 88 East Preston, 72 Chermside, 74 Bardon, 71 Salisbury, and
the 24 Prospect Tce trolley bus that went to my grandmother's place in
Butterfield Street Herston.

I have also been curious why Sydney trams never had route numbers, even
though buses did for many years in the tram era, even buses on the same
route, such as Watsons Bay bus 324 (the number still used today) when it
was replaced by buses in the early 1950s, then reinstated as a tram after
public uproar, though not for long.

I was not alive during the era of Sydney trams, I have just read a lot
about them since, mainly Mr Keenan.

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"Better to be a Never Was than a Has Been."