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  William Jackson

The “snap” of the linebreakers closing, especially whilst drawing high amps was and is frowned upon by those that care on the Comeng trains in Melbourne. I assume the same sentiment was felt on the trams, Richard?


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Thanks Matthew. I'd be glad to assist - financially or otherwise! I'm looking forward to being able to hear the SNAP of the line-breaker opening under load if the 'driver' notches up too quickly!

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On 9/1/19 1:38 pm, Ronald Besdansky wrote:

I'm creating a tram-driving simulator. The photo shows the controller type RB-1 in an early stage of construction. It uses an Arduino microcontroller board to communicate with my PC. I'm sure somebody has already done this (e..g. Microsoft Train driving simulator) but I like doing my own thing. (I've been writing programs for 51 years this year!)

What I would like to get is a good recording of the gear noise during notching-up - especially from a spur-gear (as opposed to helical-gear) tram - e..g. a Melbourne W2. I've tried creating the sound with a synthesiser but couldn't get it right.

Any suggestions welcome!

I'll have to try to remember to record 249 at Loftus. I have recording of brake release and the gongs, but I never attempted motor recordings.

Need to ride 249 on a non-traffic day so the motor hatches can be up to get the sound clearly.

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