Re: ART suggestion lacks proven track record
  Matthew Geier

On 9/1/19 1:05 pm, Tony Galloway wrote

> As a pro-bus shill sponsored by the bus industry, at least David

> Hensher is honest about the basic facts - if it runs on rubber tyres

> on a road, it’s a bus. Any reference to this being a “rail” system,

> autonomous or otherwise, is simply bogus and fraudulent.

But don't let this blind you to the impact of driver-less autonomous
buses will have on the transport market. They will come. It might be
quickly, (5 years) or longer 10-15 years - but they will come.

The only chance really for 'rail' based transport is to embrace
automation before the road transport competition does - rail at least
has 50 years of automatic operational experience down, other wise the
'optimized cost' of a driver-less bus will be used as a large hammer to
smash down proposals for rail based transport.

'Just like LRT only cheaper' will be heard a lot over the next decade.