Re: Johnston Street cable tracks in Melbourne
  Mal Rowe

On 09/01/2019 10:26, Len wrote:
> Much as municipal councils would've liked rate revenue from state and Commonwealth sources, such was not the case - at least in Victoria.

They did pay rates on buildings (shown in annual reports), but not on the tracks themselves.

However, they were responsible for the maintenance of those tracks until officially abandoned and the roadway re-instated. The MMTB annual report of 1962 notes the abandonments and the resultant cessation of liability (copy attached).

Over its life, the MMTB was also required to support specific services by contributions to consolidated revenue out of what was supposed to be a profitable enterprise.  The services supported included the Melbourne Fire Brigade and the Inefctious Diseases hospital.  As profits declined post war, the MMTB made strong arguments for these charges to be removed - eventually with success.

The situation up to 1954 is described in the annual report of 1954 (copy also attached).

Mal Rowe - noting that the MMTB was very proud of being profitable even in the light of these charges - by contrast with the Sydney tramways which made large losses much earlier than the MMTB

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