Re: Re: Canberra
  Matthew Geier

On 8/1/19 10:48 am, Kevin Taig wrote:
> I guess that the installation company wont be around when the first fault occurs in that rats’ nest.

> A costly lesson for the future, which been learned many times before.

> Murphy’s electrical law dictates that the heaviest loaded power cables will always be on the bottom.

And no one seems to put conduits in at the required depth - I see shallow trenches with power conduits in them all the time. This isn't just a thing for light rail projects. I wonder why the Union has it in for Canberra Metro and not every other shonk out there doing any thing they dammed well feel like.  I bet the cables for the street lights on half the road projects are too shallow as well.

My wife looks after external comms plant on a large site. The number of times comms has been damaged and the offending contractor tries to bury the evidence before anyone notices is near uncountable. She has spies out there and many get caught out trying to bury damaged ducting, but still ducts are found damaged much later when she tries to get another cable pulled through them. No one will take responsibility and her project budget gets eaten up doing rectification of damage created by other projects.