Greg Sutherland

But when you read the spin coverage you see:

i) the old*heavy rail mantra* in use "• Trams cannot stop easily or quickly".  Obviously TfNSW's spinner has never been on a tram/light rail vehicle when the driver has applied full emergency braking.  This statement is totally erroneous.

ii) “*Customer safety is our number one priority, if you are in this area after 9pm, whether you’re a motorist, pedestrian or cyclist, be alert as road conditions may have changed,”* she said.

Are they only concerned about their 'customers' (used to be known as passengers) safety or are they now also classing motorists, pedestrians and cyclists as their 'customers'?  And what about their own employees?


6-Dec-2018 10:08am  Tony : Prescott wrote:

A few days old, but ... nice photo: