A few days old, but ... nice photo:

I used to live just back from that corner (John St). I can still hear in my
brain the constant horrible screaming of the Mercedes 0305 buses going
around the corner to and from Randwick Depot. The trams would make a
pleasant change, hoping the Alstoms are quiet.

Of course bus technology has moved along too, which I can observe from our
house in the countryside, around which the local school buses make a
distant circuit. When we moved here they had 30 year-old ex Adelaide artics
that you could hear screaming their nuts off a km away. We could
directionally locate the bus so as to tell the kids when to get out the
door! A 10 year old bus by contrast you can hear a low growl, but now
there's a fleet of new Scania artics that are almost dead silent and have a
nasty habit of sneaking up, so that the callout is no longer "the bus is
coming!" but "hell, you've missed the bus!" With trams now, it depends
whether they have gearboxes or not, the former being the main source of
noise apart from wheel-rail interaction (which is worse when there's a
concrete slab underneath).

Tony P