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Will CBA have traffic signals priority?

Having regard to the separate ROW down the middle of the road, what speed limit will apply … 50 km/h or higher?


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That's average speed (and thus journey time) I'm talking about, not maximum speed. Canberra won't be too bad either, they're projecting about 25 minutes for 12 km. BUT - both lines have a relatively low number of stops along the line. Naturally you can get a faster service if you have less stops. For example, neither line can better the average speed or journey time per distance of the comparable Cechuv Most to Modrany line in Prague which has twice as many stops as the Canberra line and 50% more stops as the original length of the Gold Coast line. The Modrany line also doesn't have traffic light priority and part of it runs in mixed traffic through the old town centre. Today's tram operations in Australia are slack, full stop.

I think one reason the Gold Coast journey is as good as it is was because I inputted into the original planning process and told them that their journey time projections are too slow, providing the Czech example as a benchmark. I've been hammering the same message to TfNSW about CSELR and I think they're waking up as there is now some work going on with RMS about prioritisation.

Tony P

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About time you rode the Gold Coast line before making sweeping generalisations about tram speeds.


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Nothing beats trams for generating arguments!

Barton is a significant employment centre. This seems to be about bypassing the employment centre in order to get to the 'burbs quicker. Yeah right, good one.

Everybody seems to be expecting that the trams will be slow and the way Australians operate trams nowadays they will be rewarded in their expectations..

Tony P