Re: Re: Canberra

On top of which they choose French operators and French tramways are
notoriously slow. People need to get their butts over to places like Czech
Republic, Germany, Poland to see how to run trams, but the fact that people
don't do that is a big part of the problem with new tramways/light rail in
Australia isn't it?

Tony P

On Tuesday, 4 December 2018 08:45:17 UTC+11, Greg Sutherland wrote:

> Not quite correct.


> Australians don't operate trams nowadays unless you are referring to the

> tram drivers.


> Operations are controlled by private sector 'operators' who are engaged

> (often indirectly) by governments.


> Unless the particular government is an 'informed buyer' of the Operators

> services (these operators are all foreign companies often with OS

> government involvement) there is little actual involvement/direction by

> Australians of whether the operations are providing maximum bang for the

> taxpayers buck.


> Greg