Re: Re: Canberra
  Greg Sutherland

Not quite correct.

Australians don't operate trams nowadays unless you are referring to the
tram drivers.

Operations are controlled by private sector 'operators' who are engaged
(often indirectly) by governments.

Unless the particular government is an 'informed buyer' of the Operators
services (these operators are all foreign companies often with OS
government involvement) there is little actual involvement/direction  by
Australians of whether the operations are providing maximum bang for the
taxpayers buck.


On 4/12/2018 7:11 am, Prescott wrote:
> Nothing beats trams for generating arguments!




> Barton is a significant employment centre. This seems to be about

> bypassing the employment centre in order to get to the 'burbs quicker.

> Yeah right, good one.


> Everybody seems to be expecting that the trams will be slow and the

> way Australians operate trams nowadays they will be rewarded in their

> expectations.


> Tony P

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