Re: Re: Tram Life Extension - East Preston
  Richard Youl

My concern is that if the seats are not even steam cleaned and disinfected in some way, there is a hygiene issue.

While cloth seats are more pleasant to use than vinyl, they not exactly resistant to occasional drink spills or passengers with incontinence problems which must occur from time to time over 30+ years.


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> On 02/12/2018 23:08, Steven Altham wrote:

> I think air conditioning units would look good painted grey to match the lower skirting on B class



Agreed - and that's what has happened to 2006 - See:

It had to have a section of roof cut away for a section of the cant rail to be replaced (see attached pic), so the new fibreglass had to be painted over.

Unfortunately the contract only provides for roof re-paining if necessary because of repairs to the roof.

The work being done is of the highest standard, but three things that are particularly noticeable to passengers: (the roof, the seats and the stanchions) are not included in the approved work.

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