Light rail collision course over survey as LNP call it a farce: Gold Coast Bulletin
  Richard Youl

It is always difficult to find out who was questioned in these polls and what they were asked.

As for heading west at Burleigh then south at to reach the airport, that would be taking the line away from where potential riders live, and cutting out various popular beach destinations.

The Pacific Highway corridor is largely bushland, from memory. But what else would you expect from the LNP?

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Paul Weston, Gold Coast Bulletin
December 3, 2018 3:40pm

A GOLD Coast MP has accused the State Government of “rigging” its consultion on the next stages of the light rail.

Michael Hart says new data that shows nine in every 10 Gold Coasters want the trams to run to the airport through Palm Beach is a farce and the project is not feasible.

“I’ve always been supportive of light rail ending up at the airport. My only issue is it shouldn’t go through Palm Beach. It’s not feasible,” the Burleigh MP said.

“I have no faith in the consultation by the council and the Government. I attended some of it. It’s a farce. It’s all a predicative outcome of what they wanted to achieve.”

Transport Minister and big light rail fan, Mark Bailey, at the opening morning of Stage 2 of the trams. Picture: Jerad Williams
Mr Hart said the overwhelming feedback he had received from constituents was they did not want the trams to travel down the Gold Coast Highway through Palm Beach. He also cited a 10,000-signature stop rail petition.

“Every piece of consultation this Government does is rigged,” he said.

Mr Hart’s preference is for the trams to head west from Burleigh then south down the Pacific Highway corridor.

Mr Hart was responding to a Bulletin report at the weekend which revealed 86 per cent of Gold Coast residents wanted the tram line extended from Broadbeach to Burleigh (stage 3A), and 91 per cent supported stage 3B, down the coast from Burleigh to Coolanagatta Airport.

The data also showed 72 per cent of residents living in the light rail corridor supported the line running to Burleigh.


Coast bus routes more popular than ever

Light rail extension on track to Burleigh

Funding committed to stage 3A

The Government-led consultation during August included four community drop-in sessions, 969 surveys on a website and telephone surveys of more than 500 businesses and residents in the corridor.

Researchers acknowledged residents were concerned about increased density and unlimited high-rises along with a loss of on-street parking and construction impacts.

Possible solutions are “documented in the detailed business case” but at this stage the report remains largely confidential.

The business case for stage 3A is expected to be released before the end of the year.

Burleigh MP Michael Hart believes the light rail survey was a farce. Picture: Jerad Williams
Transport Minister Mark Bailey called on the LNP to support the $660 million public transport project.

Mr Bailey believes the full business case will address the issues and further consultation is to be staged.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey and Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate talking up light rail Picture: Jerad Williams
“I think the local LNP MPs need to learn from stage one where (Surfers Paradise MP) John-Paul Langbroek was very opposed to it, said it would cause traffic chaos and of course it’s been an outstanding success,” he said.

“It’s natural that there might be some people who are a bit sceptical or not necessarily be supportive but once up and built and people get to used to it, the popularity is immense.

“I think leadership is about informing the public fully about the benefits of light rail and I think the LNP need to stop opposing it and start supporting it and sharing the success that light rail is for the local community.”