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Overlooked hitherto.
181019F Melbourne 'Age': - loop tv.- Duke & Duchess of Sussex on a tram.- bus strike.- Maribyrnong site.M&MTB and Maribyrnong were intertwined.  With petrol rationing, and more munitions workers (and three shifts per day), the Maribyrnong River line was duplicated from Lennix St to the terminus in Mar.1940.  In Dec. it was extended across the river (on a tram-only bridge), single track to a new West Maribyrnong terminus, at the entrance to the munitions factory.  In June 1941, it was duplicated from Van Ness Ave to Wests Rd.  In July, a branch was opened to Footscray ordnance factory.  Various proposals for redeveloping the munitions site have provided for a short extension of the tram route, into the heart of the new subdivision.

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