Re: Light rail headed south speeds up as stunning community support in new survey: Gold Coast Bulletin
  Matthew Geier

On 3/12/18 12:07 pm, Prescott wrote:
> Because tramways both stimulate development and rely on development to

> justify the capacity they provide.


Basically, if you don't want to live in a high rise slum, you don't
deserve an electric street railway to service your suburb ?

I live near 3 different high density development zones and they are all
terrible to varying degrees, although the mess that is Wolli Creek is
WAY ahead of the other two. People there bought units only to find when
the next site along was developed their view consisted only of the
concrete wall of the next building - in one extreme case they could
reach over the railing and touch the other building.

Both the local council and the state government blame each other for
that one.

None of them have enough open space around or near the towers.

You may have guessed I don't subscribe to the infinite growth economic
model. :-)