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  Tom Jessop

Comparing buildings on the left side  I would say 100 % sure that this  is Spit Junction just east of the Spit Rd  & Military  Rd corner .  . I stand by my original  answer .

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When I first saw that picture, I thought it was Spit Junction, looking back to Mosman (central) but I was worried about the grade. I then saw the Avenue Rd / Military Rd picture which had the grade but was missing the bulk of the Mosman Public School building - a nice new BIG building then. It did not appear in the right foreground. With the comment about the camera bunching up the grade I was certain that the Spit Junction location was correct. Spit Junction is in Mosman - but at the end away from the Post Office and School.
PS My first post using Google - the only frustration using is that you cannot post directly.

On Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 10:10:23 AM UTC+10, Mal Rowe wrote:

The key to that photo is the word Mosman.

The tram lines turning in the direction that they do

is the only place on the North Sydney system where

the lines turned in that direction only in joining the main

trunk route.


So the picture was taken from Military Rd Mosman

looking down Avenue Rd Mosman toward Mosman Wharf.


Street view on Google maps confirms as on street view

the building at the left appears consistent with what is there



Paul Heath  


 Thanks Paul,

I'll take up Tony Prescott's suggestion and make a comment on the SLV catalogue.