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  Dale Budd

I travelled through the Military Road/Avenue Road intersection, and Spit Junction, for seven years on my way to school.

I agree with Tony Prescott that the picture was taken at Spit Junction, looking down towards Mosman. The camera has accentuated what was a fairly gentle curve at this spot.

There is a picture of Spit Junction on page 25 of David Keenan’s North Sydney Lines book. The building on the corner of Military and Spit Roads is in the middle of the picture in the book: it is at the extreme left of the SLV picture.

I will be in this area in about ten days’ time and will try to do a personal streetview.


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I think Tom was on the money on this one. It's taken from Spit Junction looking east down the slope of Military Rd where the tram goes down to eventually branch to Balmoral and Taronga and Mosman wharves. The corner building on left has been demolished but it can be seen in current streetview that the next three or four buildings on the left have survived.,151.24097,3a,75y,119.64h,85.87t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sRYOIVb3NzopXfhyrPwdRIg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Tony P

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The key to that photo is the word Mosman.

The tram lines turning in the direction that they do

is the only place on the North Sydney system where

the lines turned in that direction only in joining the main

trunk route.

So the picture was taken from Military Rd Mosman

looking down Avenue Rd Mosman toward Mosman Wharf.

Street view on Google maps confirms as on street view

the building at the left appears consistent with what is there


Paul Heath

Thanks Paul,

I'll take up Tony Prescott's suggestion and make a comment on the SLV catalogue.