Re: NSW minister requests Opal fares review | Gold Coast Bulletin
  Matthew Geier

On 12/07/18 11:23, 'Richard Youl' via TramsDownUnder wrote:



And the last two 'CPI' fare increases didn't increase the 'transfer
rebate' by a similar percentage, so the 'value' of the transfer rebate
they introduced when they removed the free travel reward has already
been eroded.

Apparently one of the news programs aired Constance implying that the
'improved' metro services should attract a premium fare!

This may be wishful thinking on the part of a detractor, I've not
watched the segment myself. But he's clearly pushing the line that since
we have all this 'new' stuff, we should be paying higher fares.

The Opal restructure already cost me a minimum of 12% extra a week (and
on a typical week of my traveling, much more) and since there have been
two more 2.x% fare increases.

He's got some hide saying the fare increases have been held back.

I'm sure the Bankstown line commuters, standing on their cattle-truck
style metro trains into town will love to know they are paying a premium
for their 'improved' service. (And that are supposed to be much cheaper
to run because they don't have those pesky RBTU members up front
operating them)