Mal Rowe

On 11/07/2018 2:43 PM, David McLoughlin wrote:
> Also about that time, there was a trammie strike, but a driver called Tom Pesteranovich and his connie broke the strike and took out a 64 tram. The Sun made him the front page! He was interviewed out in Dandenong Road and his photo at the controls of his W2 took up half the page. He was made an inspector for his trouble, IIRC. And Bolte said of the strikers: "They can march up and down until they're bloody well footsore.":  Never forgotten that story, or photo, or Tom's distinctive name!

Here's a cartoon of the time from Jeff Hook, it's in the collection at the Tramway Museum at Malvern.

The other character in the cartoon is Mr Edward StJohn - who as a fresh to parliament MP endeared himself to the Liberal party by taking frequent opportunities to criticise party leaders up to and including the PM.

They shared a similar level of popularity with their colleagues!

Mal Rowe - rather tickled by the portrait of Bob Risson on the wall.

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