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1950s Anne St (Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Qld). Looking north-east. (via
Steve King, HCVC). The International truck is a 1948-49 model; the Austin
A40s date from 1948. Nothing newer than 1955 is apparent.
Ann St today. (Google Earth).

180709M Melbourne 'Herald Sun' - Melbourne Airport growth & planning.

180709M - Metro Twitter:
- Pakenham delays, 5.14 & 7.41.
- Newport, Bakers Delight.
- 160709 Caulfield Vlocity.

180709M Melbourne 'Age' - 1892 Melbourne sewer map.

180709M 'SMH' - Martin Place.


Mon.9.7.18 Metro Twitter
4.59 Buses will replace trains Pakenham/Cranbourne - Dandenong (late-running
project works), takingup to 75 minutes extra travel time, as buses will take
some time to arrive on site. Consider alternatives if practicable.
- 5.03 Absolutely bloody hopeless! Where are the buses?
- 5.08 Buses are currently on their way. We are also working to get both
lines back in operation.
- 5.11 Update your app; it's saying no disruption.
- 5.11 How long have you known that there wouldn't be any trains?
- 5.42 This is an absolute joke. There are no buses at Berwick. People are
trying to get to work and once again your service makes this difficult.
Absolutely hopeless.
- 5.48 Are they running now?
- 5.50 Train services are now resuming.
- 5.51 Train have resumed, with minor delays.
- 6.03 Bullshit. They just announced that they're waiting to open.
- 6.04 It's bloody raining, and cold.
- 6.05 Another day at Metro. I think it's time for you guys to give up and
let someone else take over.
- 6.22 Resume? It's still delayed!
- 6.23 Last month I payed 1 month pass fee and took 3 weeks time to take
replacing bus.
- Yes, they couldn't give a shit about anyone just as long as you pay!
- 6.24 Is the 7.11 Merinda Park to Cranbourne still running? I have a
hospital appointment.
- 6.28 Not resumed. Announcement made that there's no trains, and to take
the bus.
- 6.33 Get you facts straight. Also update the metro website; this is
- 6.36 Where was this announcement? We've just had a citybound train depart
from Pakenham about 2 minutes ago.
- 7.07 Citybound delays (an equipment fault near Hallam).
- 7.17 Major delays buses will supplement train services Pakenham-Dandenong.
- 7.40 Major delays extending buses will supplement train services [ie they
aren't there yet].
- 7.38 Will high-capacity trains, removing boom gates etc fix equipment &
train faults as well? After all these construction-related train
suspensions do you think that the situation is going to improve in the line?
- 7.40 How do I know which trains are going and which will be
- 7.41 The 7.28 at Berwick was cancelled without warning on the platform.
Only notice was at 7.35, explaining the problem.
- 7.49 Getting to work in the morning is becoming a mission every day.
There should be a confidence poll for Metro from the public. 7.41 delay
- 7.51 Thanks, what a great way to start the week!
- 7.58 at South Yarra heading out on the Pakenham line, the 7.19 train did
not arrive; no announcements on the station about disrupted service...not
good enough.
- 8.04 Not much explanation at Dandenong either. The 7.41 from Dandenong is
running slowly and stalling at times, and the driver doesn't have the
courtesy to keep us informed.
- 8.05 Thanks for that. Now I'm late for work AGAIN. Now my wife and kids
have to drive me to Belgrave thanks to your crap service!
- 8.17 It has been resolved now. at least get ur tweets on time! I just
passed Dandenong (citybound), with no delays to the train at 8.15.
- 8.26 Pakenham line is old enough and various faults occurred often on this
line. I am on the replacement bus now.
- 8.32 Standard Monday. Get to Richmond and can barely hear the train
driver mumbling over the speaker. I figure that it's probably a diversion
and jump out. I'm guessing that there'd be a few people who got a nasty
surprise enroute to Flinders St.
6.00 Travelling through Newport station this morning? We've got treats
thanks to Bakers Delight.
- 15.15 I hear the people going to town via Laverton in the mornings are
green with envy. Thanx for my fruit bun this morning.
6.37 Metro at its best once again, cancelling the 6.27 Epping to Flinders St
with no reasoning. I'm sure the extra money you get out of all of us for
travelling after early bird will make up for it .
8.57 Werribee line: Minor delays (an equipment fault at Hoppers Crossing).
12.07 Minor delays (equipment faults between Lynbrook and Cranbourne).
12.56 Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Minor delays citybound through Dandenong
(an equipment fault).
- 13.04 Why are you people burying your heads in the sand regarding how
useless this PATHETIC company is? The whole public transport system in Vic
is a complete mess, METRO being the worst! My taxes are paying for this S%=+
- 13.26 We, the customers, had to take replacements buses for the whole of
last week for your 'maintenance work', but the first day back into service
everything is a complete mess. What did you guys 'fix' the time you caused
consumers inconvenience?
- 13.53 Still minor delays.
- 15.49 Cranbourne line: There may [ie will] be Major Delays (a track fault
in the Dandenong area). Buses may supplement services.
- 16.53 Trains are currently running through to Cranbourne with Minor
- 17.18 Buses replace trains Dandenong - Cranbourne (an ongoing track fault
near Dandenong). 11 Buses are in position to begin services, with an
extended journey time of 35 minutes.
- 17.21 Pakenham train terminated at Dandenong. Any reason for that?
- 17.22 28 minutes ago it's all good, then line suspended. How is this
possible? It's either ok or not. But you guys have both.
- 17.24 we have a track fault issue affecting mostly Cranbourne trains and
some Pakenham trains.
- 17.26 the issue changed. We do have buses in position.
- 17.45 11 Buses are in operation between Dandenong and Cranbourne, with an
extended journey time of 35 minutes.
- 17.45 Why are we stopped at Westall?
- 17.45 What about the Pakenham line?
- 17.49 The Pakenham line is running, with one train cancelled train.
- Are there any delays?
- Generally running close to timetable.
- 17.49 We need to terminate some services at Westall because of the issue
near Dandenong. If we sent all the trains through, it would cause major
congestion and even longer delays at Dandenong.
- 17.56 What do you mean by track fault affecting select Pakenham trains?
Is the issue on Cranbourne line or Pakenham ?
- 18.01 The issue is mostly on the Cranbourne line, but we have a secondary
issue affecting Pakenham services.
- Thanks for at least not making all the replacement buses from Dandenong
stop at all stations to Cranbourne.
- 18.04 So what is the secondary issue ? This morning we had over 40 min
delay, and now this.
- 18.15 We have a track fault affecting the operation of some signals in the
- 18.15 Trains have resumed between Dandenong & Cranbourne, with minor
delays; some trains are terminating short; buses may supplement services.
21.05 VL08 stands at Caulfield at sunset, on a service to Traralgon. 9 July

'It's incredible': The old engineering wonder buried beneath Melbourne 9
July 2018.

'No cause for panic': Emergency sirens to sound in warning system demo 9
July 2018.
Don't be alarmed when emergency sirens ring out from 65 CBD locations as
part of a test of Melbourne's new emergency warning system on Tuesday
The warning, which will include a recorded message that states it is a test,
will run for about five minutes.
It follows a demonstration of the public address system from the State
Library of Victoria in December.
A car drives in circles outside Flinders Street Station shortly before the
Bourke Street massacre. Photo: Supplied "If you hear the test alert or
notice an enhanced police presence in the CBD tomorrow (Tuesday) morning,
there is no cause for panic," Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said.
The warning system comes in response to the Bourke Street attack, when a car
ploughed into pedestrians, killing six people and injuring dozens of others
in January 2017.
A similar tragedy followed in December when an 83-year-old man was killed
and 18 people were injured after a man allegedly drove into them on Flinders
Mr Leane said the system enabled police to quickly alert the public of
imminent risk.
Messages to be broadcast during an actual emergency may direct people to a
particular location, to leave an area or stay inside the nearest building.
Mr Leane said each zone of speakers would then be tested separately until
"It is important to remember this is a test of the speaker system and that
it is just one of the warning options available to police in these
scenarios," he said.
"We can also communicate rapidly via SMS and our social media channels
including Facebook and Twitter, which would be regularly updated during a
critical incident."
Victoria Police will also use their social media channels to alert the
public of Tuesday's test.
City of Melbourne, Public Transport Victoria, Metro, Yarra Trams and
Emergency Management Victoria will share their posts.
Public transport users will receive notifications before and during the test
via the PTV and TramTRACKER phone apps. There will also be onboard and
platform announcements.
Police officers will be posted at each speaker to provide public reassurance
and respond to any concerns.
190 speakers are being installed at 95 locations across the CBD.

'Unprecedented': Solar panel installations soar, on track to triple 2017
record 9 July 2018.

Major delays on trains after incident at Burpengary 9 July 2018, 17.58.
Services have resumed following major delays on the Caboolture and Sunshine
Coast train lines, affecting Monday afternoon peak hour.
Trains were suspended in both directions between Narangba and Caboolture
stations, following an incident requiring emergency services near Burpengary
train station about 4.45pm.
Commuters were warned to expect delays of up to 60 minutes.
Delays of up to 60 minutes were expected on the Caboolture and Sunshine
Coast train lines. Photo: Supplied.
Police asked people to avoid the intersection of Rowley Road and Kilkenny
Drive at Burpengary.
A service was stopped between Narangba and Morayfield, near Burpengary train
station, with passengers stuck on the train.
Australian Traffic Network reporter Ben Mihan said surrounding roads, such
as Rowley Road, had been blocked off.
Rail replacement buses were being organised.
- 17.13 Mon.9.7.18. Because of an incident requiring emergency services,
trains are currently suspended between Narangba and Caboolture. Replacement
buses are currently being arranged, however major delays are expected.
- 19.15 Trains have resumed, with delays of up to 30 min.

Victorian Transport Association raises daytime Melbourne CBD truck ban
Herald Sun Mon.9.7.18.
video: Infrastructure Victoria transport modelling.
TRUCKS would be banned from Melbourne's CBD during daylight hours under a
bold new plan floated by the state's peak advocate for the transport
Victorian Transport Association CEO Peter Anderson said it was time for
governments to think outside the box when dealing with congestion.
"(Lord Mayor) Sally Capp came out with a ridiculous plan recently of keeping
vehicles out of the city," he said.
Trucks would be banned from Melbourne's CBD during daylight hours under a
bold new plan floated by the Victorian Transport Association. Picture: Ian
Currie "Unfortunately it doesn't work like that, but we can better manage
the flow of traffic through the CBD."
Under the proposal, most heavy vehicles would be banned from the city during
the day and tighter restrictions would apply to street parking to allow for
At night, trucks would then be allowed to move freely and park outside
stores when performing deliveries.
"At the moment we have trucks reversing down lanes and all sorts of things
to get out of the traffic," Mr Anderson said.
"Under this idea, traffic flows through the city and both groups are using
the space more effectively."
Night-time noise restrictions currently apply to garbage trucks in the CBD,
with waste collection banned -between 11pm and 6am.
But Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive Mark Stone
said an outright truck ban during the day was not practical.
"Many of Melbourne's 16,000 businesses rely on goods deliveries during the
day and do not have sufficient staff to be on their premises for
out-of-hours deliveries," she said.
"Restricting goods delivery to after-hours would add to business cost,
making it more expensive to run a business in the CBD.
"Congestion in Melbourne is expected to worsen so all options should be
considered, but the solution shouldn't make it more difficult for
Melbourne's businesses to operate."
On an average weekday, more than 10,000 delivery -vehicles access the city.
A City of Melbourne spokeswoman said recent discussion papers had discussed
off-peak delivery periods.
"In order for this to work, businesses would need to adapt to be able to
receive goods after and before traditional opening hours," she said.

Melbourne security: Be alert but not alarmed, say police, as CBD emergency
speakers are tested Herald Sun July 9, 2018.
video: What Melbourne's emergency warning signal sounds like An alarm that
would help pedestrians avoid danger during Bourke Street-style rampages or
terror attacks will be tested in Melbourne on Tuesday.
The alerts will sound on speakers at 65 locations across the CBD and extra
police will be on the streets throughout the morning.
The warnings will sound for five minutes from 11am.
North West Metro Region Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said the new
tool enabled police to quickly alert the community of imminent risks.
There are 65 sets of speakers in the city. Picture: Josie Hayden Assistant
Commissioner Stephen Leane. Picture: Stuart McEvoy "There is no cause for
panic (when the alarm sounds)," Mr Leane said.
"The test of all 65 speakers across the city will run for -approximately
five minutes and the message transmitted will include a warning signal which
clearly notifies the public that it is a test only.
"We will then conduct zone testing in different areas across the CBD until
11.30am, starting east of the CBD then moving to the west and southern parts
of the city."
The speakers would alert people in the event of incidents such as the Bourke
St massacre. Picture: Tony Gough He said it was just one of the options
police would use to communicate with the public during an emergency.
190 speakers are being installed at 95 locations.

Prahran traffic congestion driving residents around the bend Stonnington
Leader July 9, 2018. with tdu.

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