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180708Su Melbourne 'Herald Sun':
- energy, Paris agreement. with tdu.
- trucks and congestion. with tdu.
- tunnel work.
- energy, electricity prices. with tdu.
- letters, rail & road.

180708Su Metro Twitter - Kororoit Creek Rd and Altona Jn.


Sun.8.7.18 Metro Twitter.
Lots of bustitution announcements.
7.58 South Morang line: Minor delays due to an ill passenger at South
Morang. Services may be held.
16.40 Hurstbridge line: Major delays (a trespasser on rail lines at
- 17.07 Trains have resumed.
- 21.36 Major delays (trespassers on rail lines in the Watsonia area).
- 21.43 Oh dear, yet another disruption.
- 21.56 A driver had a near hit with two trespassers and is unable to drive
the train; we have a new driver on the way.
- 21.59 Appreciate your drive. Why so many trespassers?
- 22.09 Good question; we would like to know the answer as well.
- 22.11 A sudden influx?
- 22.12 starting to clear.

New CBD rail station to link Wynyard and Martin Place 8 July 2018.
New pedestrian and retail tunnels would run below Sydney's central business
district from Wynyard to Martin Place Station as part of emerging plans for
a new rail station in the heart of the city.
The Herald has confirmed the proposed Metro West rail line, to run from
Westmead through Parramatta to the CBD, is to include a stop at Martin
Place. The underground station would also be linked to Wynyard, creating new
walkways and retail opportunities under the city.
Under the plans, pedestrians would be able to travel on a covered walkway
from the east of the CBD at Barangaroo to Wynyard using the 180-metre
Wynyard Walk, and from Wynyard to the city's historic financial core at
Martin Place.
It is understood the main CBD interchange for the Metro West rail line would
be at Martin Place. At Martin Place, travellers could change for the T4
Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra Line, as well as the City and Southwest Metro
from Chatswood to Sydenham, which is currently under construction.
But an unpaid concourse would extend to Wynyard. This would give travellers
on the Metro West the change to interchange for the City Circle line, as
well as the T1 Western and North Shore lines.
The number and location of stations on the Metro West project has not been
finalised. The government has committed to stations at Westmead, Parramatta,
Olympic Park, the Bays Precinct around Rozelle, and at an unspecified
location in the CBD. But it is also considering interim locations, including
potential stops at Pyrmont and Kings Bay.
In the longer term, the government has also said it would "safeguard the
ability" to extend the Metro West project to the west to an airport at
Badgerys Creek, and through to the eastern suburbs, via Zetland.
Geotechnical drilling has already started in Zetland. The prospect of the
sale of the Long Bay prison complex has also generated speculation the line
could be extended to Malabar.
Martin Place railway station was cordoned off for much of the weekend after
a gas leak caused by an excavator. Photo: AAP The stop locations, as well as
the timing and funding of the Metro West project, are a matter of political
debate. The Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, has said he would like to
see a sub 20-minute journey from Parramatta to the CBD. Labor's transport
spokeswoman, Jodi McKay, has said she is not wedded to the 20-minute travel
time, and would like to see a Sydney University stop considered.
The state government ear-marked $3 billion in last month's budget for the
project, but has said it would not be finished until late next decade. There
is, however, a large project team already at work on the scheme, and there
is a good chance the state or federal government could promise to accelerate
work on the line ahead of coming elections.
The federal Labor opposition has committed $3 billion to the project, one of
the main justifications for which is the need to relieve pressure on the
existing T1 Western Line.
Fitting another rail tunnel under the city is a difficult exercise; the new
line would need to traverse building basements, as well as the underground
Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra Line, and the tunnels being built for the City
and Southwest metro project.
The risk and complexity of construction in the CBD was highlighted over the
weekend when an excavator on the City and Southwest project hit a gas main
in Martin Place, forcing a prolonged evacuation of the area.

New Melbourne Airport master plan reveals major transport overhaul Herald
Sun July 8, 2018.
video: Melbourne airport rail link 'an incredible investment'.
TRIPS to Melbourne Airport will be completely overhauled within the next
five years, with a major redesign of the busy forecourt to offer a seamless
experience for passengers.
As peak-hour congestion at the airport worsens, the new master plan calls
for a radical facelift to the front of the airport that would tackle
internal traffic congestion.
Pick-ups and drop-offs will be moved from the forecourt to a transit hub
that provides space for taxis and buses as well as a railway station.
Traffic congestion at Melbourne Airport could soon be a thing of the past.
Picture: Jay Town A series of flyovers would then connect the Tullamarine
Freeway to all four terminals so motorists can drop off passengers without
stopping at a single intersection.
The airport's parking and ground access chief, Lorie Argus, said the changes
were crucial to handling a doubling in vehicle traffic over the next 20
"While our airport growth is fantastic for travellers and the tourism
economy it creates significant challenges on our road network, which is used
by around 120,000 cars each day," she said.
"Through our upgrades and developments passengers will find it easier to
access the airport's road network including better public transport links,
the terminal design will be completely revamped with an emphasis on
automation, and Melbourne will be offering an even greater international
network for holiday-makers to enjoy."
A preferred route for a new rail link should be decided before the state
election and Melbourne Airport planners have thrown their support behind a
railway line to the western suburbs and a super-sized station at Sunshine.
An artist's impression of the revamped Melbourne Airport. Picture: Supplied
The 2018 master plan also allows for an improved rail connection providing
space for tracks connecting terminals directly to regional trains.
"A Melbourne Airport rail link needs to integrate well with our road network
and terminal structure," Ms Argus said.
"What we ultimately want is a seamless traveller experience so we will look
at how easily all airline passengers can access a train platform, how they
can move their bags to baggage drop facilities and proximity to check-in."
CATCH Ms Argus said the airport was also investigating what type of
travellers were most likely to use the rail link when built.
"We will work with state and federal government to ensure the train is fast,
frequent and affordable," she said.
"We look forward to seeing the business case process completed in September,
to help inform future planning decisions."
MELBOURNE AIRPORT GROWTH FORECAST 2017 TO 2038 │ Annual passenger numbers:
35 million - 68 million │ Annual flight movements: 239,000 - 384,000 │
Annual freight movements: 460,000 tonnes - 900,000 tonnes │ Busy day vehicle
trips to and from airport: 127,000 - 240,000 │ Total precinct jobs: 26,600 -
35,600 │ Precinct economic activity: $7 billion - $12 billion
Source: Draft Melbourne Airport Master Plan 2018

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