Re: Crash - ouch
  Mal Rowe

On 9/07/2018 12:55 AM, espee8800 wrote:
> W2 304 not looking happy.    Someone will have more information about this I assume.   I tried a Trove search but obviously my key words were not right.

I attach a scan of the news report in The Sun the following day.

As Richard says, I think Driver Middlemo later changed his recollection of the cause of the event.

There's a pic of 304 just before it was burnt in the TDU ad=rchives at:

Mal Rowe - amazed that there were no serious injuries

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304-559 crash 20Mar1968 Sun-1  |  1650W x 1033H  | 500.62 KB |  Photo details
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304-559 crash 20Mar1968 Sun-2  |  557W x 1050H  | 191.33 KB |  Photo details