Re: Re: Toronto, ON: Bombardier has played Torontonians for fools on new streetcars
  Mal Rowe

On 8/07/2018 3:40 PM, Prescott wrote:
> This all started off with a hidden political imperative that it had to

> be "buy Canadian".

.... and yet, much of the problem seems to have arisen from Bombardier's
decision to not "supply Canadian".
Their traction equipment will have come from Germany and the bodies are
built in Mexico - presumably on the basis of cheaper (and probably less
skilled) labour.

The Melbourne product is based on the same traction gear, but fitted to
a locally built body with a combination of German and Australian design
The Gold Coast product is all European.

As you and the journalist say, Bombardier have only themselves to blame
for poor management decisions.

How are Bombardier going in getting and supplying new European orders?

Mal Rowe - wondering what, when and by whom the next Melbourne order
will turn out to be