Re: Not everyone wants Trams to Burleigh. Gold Coast Bulletin 4 July.
  Richard Youl

During the 1980s the world’s Freeway Capital, Los Angeles, woke up to the futility of building freeways and started putting in, or returning, tram lines.

I’m not certain but I don’t think any more freeways, at least major ones, have been built since.

Australia, and especially the Gold Coast, may not not wake up to this for a few decades more.


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Yep, the old saying is 'freeways generate traffic'. The wider you make it, the more traffic you get. Eventually, our cities will be taken up by roads and there will be no land left for people to actually live on, except for the rich, who will live in their condos on the outskirts of these tarmacs and commute by helicopter or tele-porting (Doctor Who uses this method) to their high rise offices in the CBD!

Andrew Cook (who once assisted some agitators lift a bath tub full of broken bricks onto the then proposed alignment of the Eastern Freeway at Fitzroy).

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The wider the freeway, the more traffic gets on, and the slower the journey time is. Why, because there are more lanes for the dumbos to cris-cross as they endeavour to save one car length in time.

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With this Gold Coast line, one fairly important reason why people don’t want the trams in their area is the anticipated high-rise development for 800 m on either side of the line. Up to a point, I can commiserate with that.

As for M1 highway noise (the road between Brisbane and Sydney), although my house is nearly a kilometre from it and over a hill I can still hear it start to roar about 4 AM each weekday as the morning peak starts to get flowing. I’m not certain I have ever heard the adjacent rail line noise.

How many more times can they widen that road which already 4 lanes Helensvale to Beenleigh?


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I think this new anti-tram stuff is simply a result of the huge popularity of Q-Link and they are scared that the unwashed masses will come to their neck of the woods in their droves at the weekend. They totally forget the convenience of leaving their cars at home many times and catching the tram to where ever. I note someone said "no tram, just fix the M1" what on earth are they on about. Squealing trams verse a solid noisy major road, trust me you people at Burleigh Heads or where ever, the noise of a major road NEVER lets up . Its just noise noise noise; give me the occasional squealing tram any day.

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cheers and best wishes,
David in (I know living around 600m from the Hume Highway - many times its just bloody noisy especially in summer.)
{Before you change anything, learn why it is the way it is.)

cheers and best wishes,
David in
{Before you change anything, learn why it is the way it is.)