Not everyone wants Trams to Burleigh. Gold Coast Bulletin 4 July.
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The State Government hasn’t thrown all of its support behind the Burleigh to Tugun leg of the light rail. Picture: Jerad Williams
Mark Bailey gives anti-light rail group some hope
Campbell Gellie and Paul Weston, Gold Coast Bulletin
July 4, 2018 12:00am
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MARK Bailey has given No Light Rail On the Gold Coast Highway campaigners a glimmer of hope that trams won’t be cruising south of Burleigh.

The Minister for Main Roads and Transport has responded to a petition against the expansion of the light rail, saying other options are being investigated.

Loving the G: Link. Picture: Jerad Williams
However, investigations could also provide more support for the expansion of the light rail.

“We are undertaking a multi-modal study of the southern Gold Coast from Burleigh to Tugun,” Mr Bailey wrote.

“It will ensure the state considers the strategy, needs and function of all modes of transport, including the feasibility of light rail to meet community needs.


“If Stage 3B (from Burleigh to Tugun) of the Gold Coast Light Rail is to progress it will also be subject to a business case that will include extensive community engagement.

“Government funds for a business case for a potential future stage of the light rail from Burleigh Heads to Tugun, Stage 3B have not yet been committed.”

Anti-tram protesters don’t want the tram in Burleigh. Picture: Jerad Williams
Mr Bailey’s response is to a 1599-signature petition endorsed by Member for Burleigh Michael Hart.

The petition called on Mr Bailey to commission a feasibility study to find an alternative route for the light rail that would not see it go over Burleigh hill and through the centre of Palm Beach.

A Golden Age survey undertaken by the Bulletin found 82 per cent of respondents supported a tram extension, and 79 per cent want it to be to the airport. At least 65 per cent wanted that extension within three years.


The city council and the State Government are preparing a business case for Stage 3A, a 6.4km extension from Broadbeach to Burleigh. Planning documents have indicated construction could start in 2020.

Planning documents have indicated Burleigh tram construction could start in 2020. Picture: Jerad Williams
A draft preliminary business plan confirms Stage 3A would have up to eight new light rail stations and five new light rail vehicles, include a light rail-bus interchange at Burleigh Heads and three new signalised traffic intersections.

A council report said the light rail corridor vision would include intensified development around the rail stations while “respecting the prominent natural features” of the southern coast including its network of green spaces.


Stage 3B would face more challenges in terms of engineering with bridges and potential property buy-ups along the Gold Coast Highway.

It has also split opinion, with opponents demanding the line goes west to Varsity Lakes train station rather than south to the airport through Palm Beach.

Views are also split among business owners. Most welcome the idea of trams reaching Burleigh, but also fear the affect, effect of disruption during construction.

Fix the M1 with Heavy rail to the airport dont destroy the beach suburbs.


James3 days ago
Just run it down the middle of the beach.


Roger3 days ago
The disruption to business and traffic along the Gold Coast Hwy would be enormous if the light rail runs along the coastal route, I'd be inclined to suggest it should instead run out of Broadbeach along Hooker Blvd, with a station on the vacant parcel of land across from the Italian club, then along the centre of Bermuda St, like the heavy rail in Perth runs down the middle of the motorway. This would see the light rail service Carrara Markets and nearby residents, but also the Q-Centre, Christine Corner and Treetops, and bring it close enough to Mermaid, Robina, and then run a line along Reedy Creek Rd into Burleigh, servicing Stocklands shopping centre.

Then a future expansion can split the line, and run it towards the M1, and service Palm Beach by running the tram line next to a widened M1, and then on to the Airport via the motorway tunnel side, and into Coolangatta and Tweed Heads.


Nathan3 days ago
@Roger You do realise the centre of Bermuda is used for drainage don't you? not to mention the disruption to business and traffic putting tracks in along that route including the very busy Hooker blvd. On top of all that, it really isn't part of the plan to send people on a merry go round trip zig zagging across the GC. The idea is to get to point A and B, not stop off for some crappy shoes at carrara, this weeks groceries at Q-Centre and a slice of pizza at Christine Corner shops.


Roger3 days ago
@Nathan @Roger You've obviously oblivious of the population base that's around that area, Nathan, including much of Robina and Varsity Lakes around Bond Uni. It gives them transport options to the coast, the beach, I see you don't get around much as all that's in your mind is crappy shoes from carrara, Q-centre groceries and christine corner pizza slices, but once you start to realize there's a significant population base around these places, the whole idea starts to make a lot more sense, and as for Bermuda Street's drainage, well this might come as a surprise to you, but when they built stage 1 of the light rail, the extensive network of cables, pipes and drainage that had to be re-routed and re-laid along the Gold Coast Hwy between Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise makes Bermuda Street's drainage look like a walk in the park in comparison. I remember when they dug it up, down they went and laid a pipe and some drain holes. Much less complex than electricity, telco, high pressure sewage and water pipes, that had to be re-located along the Gold Coast Hwy. From what a city engineer tells me, it's much of the same along the Gold Coast Hwy from Broadbeach to Nobby's, which was re-surfaced a few years back, and the more you examine the facts, a slightly more inland route for the light rail begins to make more sense from many perspectives, plus economically more viable, as it'll service more than just loads tourists and a handful of locals, but loads of locals and a handful of tourists. For once, the light rail has the potential to significantly reduce traffic loads on major Gold Coast urban roads, and potentially save tens of millions of dollars by pushing forward the need for urgent road and intersection upgrades by encouraging locals to leave their cars at home and taking the light rail instead.


Nathan3 days ago
@Roger @Nathan I think i might have a fair idea considering i live there. I give you 10/10 for thinking outside the square but you are way off the mark on what is viable, what is required, and what the tram system is currently there for. And to suggest running tram line over an open drain is a walk in the park is again waaaaay off the mark, not forgetting the issues with getting loads of pedestrians over 2 and 3 lane 70-80kmh stretches of road

I can also assure you the large majority who live in those areas and clog those roads are not journeying to any of the areas your tram would run too


sidney3 days ago
@Nathan @Roger so true , no more LR .


john3 days ago
The truth is again a casualty in this debate. As for the bulletin figures in favour of Light Rail , how many of the

60,000 residents in Division 12,13,14 did they poll ?


David3 days ago
The poll was open to anyone who chose to complete it.


Dennis3 days ago
Imagine Tally Creek and Crumbin great big tram going through it and the noise of it squeaking throughout suburbs the reason with people live in Burleigh in Palm Beach is for the quietness.

Spend $4 billion fixing M1 please


Nathan3 days ago
@Dennis please enlighten me, which section of the Gold Coast highway are you claiming is quiet?

less cars on the road = less noise. You'll have to find another reason to complain


Donald3 days ago
And you’d like to close down the airport, because planes make a noise ?


Troy3 days ago
What a joke! The people of the gold coast already voted at the last council election and through council feedback opportunities. Labour is losing it and forgetting that its mob need affordable public transport such as students workers AND the elderly

Build the whole lot in one hit and give us some relief now Labour


Roger3 days ago
@Troy Get the chinese to build it, start now, and it'll be done by 2020, and on-spec, within budget.


Brad3 days ago
Anti light rail people should move to the sunshine coast.


David3 days ago
There are plans for light rail on the Sunshine Coast as well. Not funded yet though.


Terry3 days ago
Best news I have heard in ages, at last some common sense, no idiot would run it through burleigh and Palm beach.


Donald3 days ago
NIMBY. No consideration for anybody else.


Les3 days ago
Not another study to slow up development!


Grahame3 days ago
build jettys and have ferrys going up and down the coast to move tourists and locals would save monies and be a nice trip


sidney3 days ago
@Grahame You are right on . and the city rivers . also rapid buses service every where, electric ones made in Australia .