Re: Origin of Trucks for VR Luxury 52 - 54
  Mal Rowe

On 7/07/2018 2:52 PM, Kevin Taig wrote:
> Well the saloon section of VR 53 has just about equal dimensions to W7 1040 at Hawthorn.

Comparing the MMTB plans for the VR and SW6 cars, the salons are identical length at 12' 2" or 3.7m
It's the drop centre that's different: 15' 9" or 4.8m on an SW6 vs 13' 5" or 4.09 m on a VR car

> A closer look at 53’s underframe may prove worthwhile, the VR droppies may have used a composite flat plus angle riveted thereto.

Correct - evidence attached.

However, the rivet pattern is quite different to the older VR bogie cars, so the rivets probably just show that the VR did rivets in underframes, while the MMTB did not.

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