Re: Origin of Trucks for VR Luxury 52 - 54
  Kevin Taig

Well the saloon section of VR 53 has just about equal dimensions to W7 1040 at Hawthorn.

Decent drawings of the luxury cars and their centres are hard to come by.

A closer look at 53’s underframe may prove worthwhile, the VR droppies may have used a composite flat plus angle riveted thereto.

Don’t know what the underframes would look like after laying out in the grass & salt laden air at Newport for over 20 years.


From: Roger Greenwood
Sent: Saturday, July 07, 2018 10:37 AM
Subject: [TramsDownUnder] Origin of Trucks for VR Luxury 52 - 54

During a discussion with Lloyd Rogers in 2005 he contended that three of the chassis for the four uncompleted VR bogie trams were applied to the construction of VR 52 – 54, hence the appearance of a shortened MMTB W7.

He also opined that the basic dimensions of the original fleet of VR bogie trams were influenced by the geometry of the S-curves at Grey and Barkly St..

Running a tape measure over the centre sections of VR 53 and the restored VR bogie tram at Haddon might throw some light on these.

Roger Greenwood