Re: Origin of Trucks for VR Luxury 52 - 54
  Mal Rowe

On 7/07/2018 10:37 AM, Roger Greenwood wrote:

> During a discussion with Lloyd Rogers in 2005 he contended that three of the chassis for the four uncompleted VR bogie trams were applied to the construction of VR 52 – 54, hence the appearance of a shortened MMTB W7.


> He also opined that the basic dimensions of the original fleet of VR bogie trams were influenced by the geometry of the S-curves at Grey and Barkly St.


> Running a tape measure over the centre sections of VR 53 and the restored VR bogie tram at Haddon might throw some light on these.


It's not a bad theory.
The attached composite pic compares a side view of a 'luxury car' with bogie 28, aligned for the same bogie centres.
The bulkheads line up pretty well.

By the way, the assertion that the 77Es for VR 52-54 were built by Thompsons of Castlemaine is in Destination City 6th edition.

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